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Shipping Terminology


  • CONTAINER: A special steel box used for the transportation of cargoes.
  • TEU / FEU : Twenty equivalent Unit / Forty Equivalent Unit
  • STUFFING / VANNING : The process of stowing cargo within a container
  • STRIPPING / DE-VANNING : The process of removing cargo from a container
  • CFS: Container Freight Station
  • CY : Container Yard
  • ICD: Inland Container Depot
  • NVOCC: Non Vessel Owning Common/Container Carrier.
  • MTO: Multimodal Transport Operator
  • IMDG / IMCO: International Maritime Dangerous Goods Council.
  • DG: Dangerous Goods ( Hazardous Cargo ).
  • HAZMAT: Hazardous Materials
  • ISO: International Organisation for Standardisation
  • OCEAN FREIGHT: The consideration for the carriage of cargoes by sea.
  • THC: Terminal Handling Charges
  • BAF: Bunker Adjustment Factor.
  • IHC: Inland Haulage Charges
  • ICC: International Chamber of Commerce
  • INCOTERMS: International Commercial Terms, as specified by the I.C.C.
  • FAK: Freight All Kinds
  • CIF: Cost Insurance and Freight ( Incoterms )
  • C&F or CFR: Cost and Freight ( Incoterms )
  • FOB: Free on Board ( Incoterms )
  • B/L: Bill of Lading (Receipt for Shipment & Title of goods )
  • SHIPPER: The seller who holds the title of the goods being shipped.
  • NOTIFY PARTY: The party who has to be notified once the cargo arrives at the destination.
  • SHIPPING MARKS: Identification marks normally affixed on each unit of cargo.
  • ODO: One Door Open ( On Deck Cargo )
  • D/C: Dry Container (Standard ISO Container)
  • O/T: Open Top Container
  • F/R: Flat Rack Container.
  • REEFER: Container equipped with refrigeration machinery.
  • HIGH CUBE: A container which is 9.6 feet in height.
  • HDC: Heavy Duty Container (A container which has an average payload of 30 tons.)
  • DUNNAGE: Material used to prevent shifting of cargo within a container.
  • LASHING: The process of securing the cargo within a container with ropes/wires.
  • BULLET SEAL: As tiny “steel locking device” use to lock the container doors
  • T.T.CLUB: Through Transport Club – London ( Insurance Club )
  • CONSIGNEE: The buyer to whom the goods have to be delivered against Surrender of a duly accomplished “bill of lading”.


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