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Safe Cargo Stowage

Reefer Precautions

  • Poor air distribution is one of the primary causes of product deterioration even when unit capacity is more than adequate.
  • Obstruction anywhere around the load can result in hot spots.
  • Do Not Stack Boxes Above the Red Load Line !!

Always Load Below The Red Line

Recommended Loading Sequence

  • Inspect the unit to be loaded.
  • Pre cool the box until set point.
  • Switch off the unit.
  • Load pre-­‐cooled product at the correct temperature and as per correct stowage.
  • Close doors.
  • Start up unit
  • Ensure correct Set-­‐Point .
  • Ensure continuous power by hauliers.

Proper Cargo Loading & Airflow

Remember: Airflow is critical to optimal cooling. The shipper is responsible for correct stowage of the cargo within the container.

Excessive Space Between Loads

Result: Airflow doesn’t extend the full length of the reefer.

Load placed at the Rear

Result: Short-Cycling.

Load placed at the Front

Result: Air does not flow through the interior of the cargo.

Correct Pallet Loading

Summary Safe Cargo Stowage

  • Always use ACE’s well maintained & clean reefers.
  • Ideally pre-­‐cool the container at your storage facility.
  • Only load pre cooled cargo at the desired carrying temperature.
  • Ensure that the load is stacked to provide proper airflow.
  • Run the unit from the time it’s packed un-­‐till the time it is unpacked.

Running Hot….To Keep You Cool !!

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