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ACETANK Liquid Bulk Transport Solutions

Always Tested ! Ever Safe !!!
At Ace Global Lines DWC-LLC (ACE) we understand that each product has different transport requirements. The carriage of Liquid Bulk cargoes is a very specialized business with the need for extremely high standards of equipment and stringent control to ensure safe carriage throughout the transport chain.

Safety comes first, beginning with the quality of steel that goes into the manufacture of our ISO-Tank Containers. Here again, our focus on “Quality” and “No-Compromise” on equipment specifications and cost, brings to our customers the assurance of Industry Best Standard Tank Containers. The ACETANK is built to the highest ISO standards and periodically tested and maintained by qualified personnel and technicians.

Ace Global Lines DWC-LLC is a member of the ITCO (International Tank Container Organisation) and our personnel are adequately and regularly trained in the safe carriage of Liquid Bulk Cargoes.

Internal processes on “Responsible Care” are implemented to ensure that our customer’s cargoes are always carried “Responsibly”, with serious concern for the “Environment” & “No-Compromise” on “Safety” !

ACETANK – Liquid Bulk Transport Features

  • Brand New T-11 ISO Tank Containers.
  • Guaranteed Availability Of ISO Tanks.
  • Cost Management Over Varied Time Frames.
  • Ability To Upscale And Handle Large Cargo Volumes.
  • Widest Range Of Product Compatibility.
  • 25000 & 26000 Litre T-11 Tanks, maximise volume and minimize costs.
  • No Compromise On Quality.
  • Weekly Service At All Operated Locations.
  • Member of ITCO.
  • In-House Driven, On-Line Tracking Systems.

Safety comes with no discount, but our promise to be your trusted partner, is something on which you can always count!

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