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ACESTORAGE 3PL & Supply Chain Solutions

Your Supply Chain, Simplified !
At Ace Global Lines, we cover the entire Spectrum of Logistics be it Asset-Based, Non-Asset Based or Consultancy.

Asset Based Logistics

Ace Global Lines offers containerised shipping services with its High-Quality fleet of Reefers, ISO Tanks, Dry & Special containers excelling in carriage of all types of cargoes i.e.. Cargo, Liquid Bulk, Frozen/Chilled etc. Goods coming via Sea (from Jebel Ali Port) can be typically linked with the facilities available at DWC, through the customs-bonded highway, thus providing our customers with a “Seamless Combination” of complete logistics services covering all the key modes i.e. Sea, Air & Road within the GCC and the Globe.

Ace Global Lines is able to take advantage of Jebel Ali’s position as a leading Shipping, Regional Trade & Transhipment Hub.

As a third-party logistics enabler (3PL), ACE Global Lines provides Logistics services to its customers for part, or all of their Supply Chain functions. ACE typically specialises in integrated Sea/Air operations, providing outsourced warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers' needs based on market conditions and the demands or delivery service requirements for their products and materials. This requires a “Global Hub” capable of providing all logistics services and DWC is ideally positioned to give our customersa “New” and “Complete” Logistics experience.

Non-asset based Logistics

Advancements in technology and the associated increases in supply chain visibility and inter-company communications have given rise to a relatively new and fast-growing model for third-party logistics operations – the “non-asset based logistics provider.” With companies operating globally, the need to increase supply chain visibility and reduce risk, improve velocity and reduce costs – all at the same time – requires a common technological solution. This expertise in Operations and IT visibility is available with us at Ace Global Lines.

Ace Global Lines, associated with the Spectrum group provides our customers with functions such as consultation on packaging and transportation, warehousing, freight quoting, container & cargo tracking, customer service and problem resolution. The ACE Network consist of “Domain Experts” in the field of Logistics by Air, Sea and Road.

The DWC holds great potential to be the centre of Logistics and Outsourced Container Carriage solutions and ACE will assist its customers, traders and overseas customers to promote DWC and Jebel Ali as a key Trade and Logistics hub in this region.


Shipping & Logistics is an important yet complicated business. Companies and consumers depend on the Transport & Logistics Industry to carry and deliver goods, and to maintain trade relations among countries. The high cost of shipping combined with the difficulties of maritime trade, create the need for Logistics Consultants. This is the gap that Ace Global Lines DWC-LLC intends to bridge. Additionally, being located at DWC, provides a central hub for both complex and simple solutions. Our team of experts are suitably qualified to provide the right solution for all our customers transport needs.

ACESTORAGE – 3PL & Supply Chain Solutions Features

  • Simplified & Outsourced Logistics Solutions.
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management Solutions.
  • Supply Chain & Distribution.
  • Inland Haulage & Transportation.
  • Long-Term & Contract Storage.
  • Cargo Loading, Unloading & Cross-Stuffing.
  • Pick/Pack &Customised Value Additions.
  • Global Freight Forwarding Through Strong Partner Network.
  • In-House Driven, “IT Management and Visibility“ Software Solutions.
  • One-Stop-Shop.
  • No Compromise On Quality.

Ace Global Lines DW-LLC hopes to make the most of this world-class infrastructure at Jebel Ali & DWC, building our business and providing customers and trade globally, with access to the “One and Only Logistics Hub Leader”, that is the visionary city of Dubai.

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