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ACECARGO Containerised Logistics Solutions

On Sail, Road or Rail!
Born from the desire to consume different goods, man has been trading for thousands of years. The challenge of trading over difficult terrain, geographical limits, climate zones and continents, brought out numerous challenges and high transport costs. This problem was finally eased with the dawn of “Containerisation” in the mid 1950’s. The world of shipping has never looked back since then and containerised shipping has since become the back-bone of our transport industry. The beauty of containerisation is the ability to be truly “Multi-Modal” on Road, Rail or Sea.

At Ace Global Lines DWC-LLC (ACE) we extend to our customers in this region, these very benefits and advantages of “Multi-Modal” Transport Solutions. We don’t just carry across terrains and regions, but have transport solutions for a very large range of products based on the complexity, size and volume. The ISO steel containers are built to such high-standards that they ensure “Safe Delivery” of cargo despite the rigors of stormy seas.

Our fleet of high-quality ISO containers, come in various types and sizes to cater to the exacting requirements of our customers. We have a large fleet of Dry Containers, Heavy Duty Containers, Open Top Containers, Flat-Rack Containers & Flat-Bed Containers that can tailor transport solutions. Our teams of shipping professionals are experts in the transport of all types of containerized dry cargo.

ACE CARGO – Containerised Logistics Solutions Features

  • Brand New Containers Of Varied Sizes.
  • Ability To Carry All Combinations Of Dry Cargo.
  • Flexible And Cost Effective Transport Solutions.
  • Just-In-Time Solutions.
  • Ability To Upscale/Down-scale Based On Client’s Needs.
  • No Compromise On Quality.
  • Weekly Service At All Operated Locations.
  • Fully certified and In-House maintained Fleet.
  • In-House Driven, On-Line Tracking Systems.
  • Year Round Availability Of Both “Dry” And “Special” Containers.
  • Widest Combined Transport, On One Bottom (Dry, Reefer & Tank).

You can count on our ability to transport from simple to complex requirements. At ACE, we have a steed for your every need, be it… On Sail, Road or Rail!

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